Interpreting Services

  • Interpreting Services in the West of Ireland

    Apart from providing translation services in Galway and other cities and towns of the West of Ireland, we also have a high qualified and trained team of interpreters. All our Galway interpreters are native speakers with many years of experience in interpreting in a wide range of styles and in a range of situations.
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  • Interpreter for wedding notifications and civil wedding ceremonies

    Interpreter for wedding notifications and civil wedding ceremonies

    According to the Civil Registration Act 2012, the services of an interpreter must be obtained where any of the parties to the marriage, the witnesses or the solemniser does not have sufficient knowledge of the language of the ceremony to understand it. It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange this service.
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  • Community Interpreting Services

    Community Interpreting Services in Galway

    Community Interpreting refers to interpreting at private or public service appointments where an individual or group of individuals do not speak the same language as the service provider so an interpreter is required to facilitate communication.
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  • Court Interpreting in Galway

    Court Interpreting at Galway Certified Translations

    The court practice shows that the interpreters are still in a big demand. Foreigners in Ireland become a part of our normal life, they live here, work, get married and divorce, and they take part in labour disputes and involved in road traffic accidents.
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