Translation Services


    Document Preparation in Galway region

    We do not only translate legal documents, we also specialise in preparation of documents. If you need to use a legal document abroad, we can draft the document for you according to the requirements of the country you are intending to go or move. We can then organise document translation, notary certification, and even apostillation. We will take into consideration any particular requirements you might have to prepare the document.
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  • Technical Translation Services in West of Ireland

    Technical Translation Services in West of Ireland

    Only a member of our technical translation team who is experienced in translation of documents relating to your field will be chosen to work on the translation of your documents, which will also be checked by experienced proof-readers to ensure complete fidelity from original to translation.
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  • Financial Document Translations

    Financial Document Translations

    Indeed, our project managers with financial training are skilled in both project planning and quality control. We have extensive experience in translating all types of financial documents, including bank guarantees, loan agreements, audit committee reports or annual reports, personal income statements, balance sheets, business plans, private and public offerings, insurance related documents or government tax reports. We equally take confidentiality and security issues very seriously.
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  • Corporate and Business Document Translation

    Corporate and Business Document Translation

    It can be hard enough to come up with marketing materials, financial reports, and confidential business documents in your native language. But when you do business with companies and customers all over the world, you've got to handle different languages and unique cultures. A simple mistake can lead to missed opportunities, angry clients, and even legal problems!
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  • Website Translation & Localization Services

    Website Translation/Localisation

    [vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Website Translation/Localisation Dramatically Expand Your Market With Website Translation & Localisation! With today’s global market, having a website is crucial to your business’ success. In essence, your website can be the most valuable marketing tool for your company. However, […]
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  • Personal Documents Translation

    Personal Documents Translation in Galway Region

    Galway Certified Translations offers certified translations for birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage interview, wills, diplomas, school transcripts, passports, and many other types of personal documents. We translate all kind of personal documents such as: letters, e-mails, simple lines written on papers, transcript of phone conversations, internet articles, etc.
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  • Legal Translations

    Legal Translations in Galway Region

    As the globalisation of our legal world continues to grow, there becomes an increasing need to have various legal documents translated with impeccable accuracy. Many scenarios prompt the need to have legal documents translated from one language to another.
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