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Spanish translation services

Spanish translation services in Galway region

Galway Certified Translations cover over 50 language combinations, translating both Spanish to English and English to Spanish. In fact, English to Spanish translations are among our top 14 requested language services. Our Spanish translation service is engaged by Government agencies, businesses and individuals across Republic of Ireland and worldwide.
There are over 400 Million people globally who speak Spanish also called Castilian (Español [espa’ɲol], Castellano [kaste’ʎano]) as their mother tongue, with more than 300 million living in Latin America. Speakers of different dialects of Spanish have no difficulty in understanding one another. However, whilst grammatical rules remain the same, lexical and vocabulary differences can pose problems when conducting Spanish translations. For example, novels are usually published as one edition for Spain and another for Latin-America as a consequence of this divergence between the regional variants of the Spanish language. Numerous particularities and idiomatic expressions vary between the Spanish of Latin-America and that of Spain (Castilian). Technical terms may also vary. When conducting Spanish translation services, we are therefore attentive to the geographical location of your target audience in order that the correct translator is assigned for the project.

Galway Certified Translations have at your disposal a team of highly qualified, experienced and specialised Spanish translators. We offer a comprehensive Spanish translation service covering a variety of specialist fields, including scientific, technical, legalcommercial/promotional, etc. We also offer typesetting and printing services, for brochures, Power Point Presentations and other professionally produced materials.
Our Spanish translators are located both in Ireland and overseas. We assign projects to Spanish translators according to key factors such as accreditation, area of expertise and the translator’s country of residence, which is particularly important for commercial/promotional translations. We ensure that a Spanish translation will read as well or even better than the source document by carefully assigning the most appropriate translator for the project; fluency in the latest cultural and business terminology for your target audience is essential. Our Spanish translators hold current membership of different professional organisations. Furthermore, all of our Spanish translations undergo proofreading to ensure accuracy.

Spanish to English and English to Spanish typesetting considerations

When translating from one language to another, the amount of text will either increase or decrease. This expansion and contraction will vary depending on subject matter. English to Spanish translation often results in a 20% increase in text. Accordingly, a Spanish to English translation will decrease the amount of text by approximately 15%. This is of course a general rule, but should be factored in when preparing copy that is to be typeset following translation. There are no other significant typesetting considerations to be made when preparing copy for translation from Spanish to English or English to Spanish.

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