Spanish translation services

Galway Certified Translations cover over 50 language combinations, translating both Spanish to English and English to Spanish. In fact, English to Spanish translations are among our top 14 requested language services. Our Spanish translation service is engaged by Government agencies, businesses and individuals across Republic of Ireland and worldwide.

Portuguese Translation services

Galway Certified Translations provides a full range of Portuguese translation services both to private costumers and companies Ireland and worldwide.

Highest quality Portuguese Translation services

Galway Certified Translations is a leading multi-sector Portuguese translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:

Lithuanian Translation Services in Galway

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Lithuanian translation agency in the West of Ireland, you have come to the right place. Galway Certified Translations (GCT) offers you professionalism, quality and complete customer satisfaction in our translation and interpreting services.

The Lithuanian language (Lietuvių Kalba) is one of two living languages of the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family, closely related to Latvian, although they are not mutually intelligible. It is written in the Roman script.

Latin Certified Document Translations

Have you finished your college or university exams and got a Diploma in Latin?

Galway Certified Translations (GCT) can help you translate this to English or any other language that you would like.

We provide Latin to English and English to Latin translation service within the shortest period of time and at the lowest prices.

Our Latin translators with years of experience translate and edit various types of Latin documents and records, including civil, medical, legal, academic, technical, etc.

German Translation Services

Galway Certified Translation provides a full range of German translation services both for private and business customers in Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Clare, Athlone, Limerick, Cork and across Ireland. The demand for German translations remains strong, in all regions that we serve. We translate a lot of product information for Multinational and American companies exporting to Germany and for companies that market their products within the EU.