Interpreting Services in the West of Ireland

Apart from providing translation services in Galway and other cities and towns of the West of Ireland, we also have a high qualified and trained team of interpreters. All our Galway interpreters are native speakers with many years of experience in interpreting in a wide range of styles and in a range of situations. From simultaneous interpreting to consecutive interpreting, our team has it covered.

Community Interpreting Services

Ireland has changed from a country of net emigration to one of steady immigration by asylum seekers and by workers from both inside and outside the European Economic Area. There has been a rapid change from a mainly monolingual society to a multilingual one. Clearly this presents particular problems when non-English speakers are in contact with officialdom.

There was an official attitude that this is merely a temporary problem because the non-English speakers will learn English and then there will no longer be a need for interpretation.   But it is not a case.

Corporate and Business Document Translation

Help your business to be accurately reflected in all foreign markets.

Have you ever thought about how much is depending on your every word?

It can be hard enough to come up with marketing materials, financial reports, and confidential business documents in your native language. But when you do business with companies and customers all over the world, you've got to handle different languages and unique cultures. A simple mistake can lead to missed opportunities, angry clients, and even legal problems!

Personal Documents Translation

Galway Certified Translations offers an official certification of translation for all our translations, with personal documents being some of the most commonly certified documents because they contain important personal information. GCT offers certified translations for birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage interview, wills, diplomas, school transcripts, passports, and many other types of personal documents. We translate all kind of personal documents such as: letters, e-mails, simple lines written on papers, transcript of phone conversations, internet articles, etc.

Dramatically Expand Your Market With Website Translation & Localisation!

With today's global market, having a website is crucial to your business' success. In essence, your website can be the most valuable marketing tool for your company. However, having a website that is written solely in English can seriously limit your customer base, and ultimately your revenue potential.

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